In December 2002, Dan & Susan Gibson cashed in their corporate lives and started Grazin‘ Angus Acres (GAA) in Ghent, NY (Columbia County). The farm painstakingly built a grass-fed & finished Black Angus herd employing a holistic, synergistic, rotational grazing system combined with numerous egg mobiles to produce great tasting and healthy animal proteins while also restoring the land. The farm also pasture raises meat chickens and about 100 heritage Tamworth, Old English Spot and Berkshire pigs per year. All GAA livestock is exclusively pastured; animals are never placed in barns or otherwise contained. The cattle are fed clean grass, hay and bailie to supplement their grazing routine; hogs and chickens are also pastured and secure the majority of their protein through foraging, but are supplemented with certified organic soy-free grain in discretionary feeders. GAA was the first NYC Green Market farm to become Animal Welfare Approved (AWA), an independent and non-monetary certification that ensures animals are raised outdoors at the highest standards (read more about AWA under the “About Us” Tab). GAA attends Greenmarkets as Union Square in Manhattan on Saturdays and at the Natural History Museum on Sundays.

In October of 2011, the Gibsons started Grazin‘ Farm-To-Table: Direct, an organic Diner, in Hudson, NY. Grazin' is the first completely Animal Welfare Approved restaurant in the world. Every animal ounce of beef, pork and chicken served at Grazin' comes directly from Grazin‘ Angus Acres, and the majority of other ingredients stocked and served are organic and/or come from local and in-state farm. Grazin’ Farm-To-Table: Direct has been a fixture in Hudson since its doors opened, showcasing the best of what the northern Hudson Valley community and its farmers have to offer.

We think there should be more Grazin‘s and even more completely Animal Welfare Approved restaurants! It's harder and more expensive but worth it! No animal protein used at Grazin‘ comes off the back of a truck from the typical restaurant supply company. You‘ll see farmer trucks at Grazin‘ and they will be paid directly for their efforts! Thanks for supporting Grazin’ Farm to Table: Direct!